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    Has anyone noticed that we are having major difficulties sustaining play in the offensive zone?  How a PMD will help that is lost on me.   A PMD will help the transition game, but once in the other team's zone we can't complete more than 1 pass most of the time.
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    I am not being a smart azz here, but, I think the Bs play defense in the offensive zone as well.  For a change it would be nice to offense in the defensive zone to help with the offense.  No play on words just the fact the whole focus of the play during the game is playing defense.   

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    Re: Trade Potential...

    Trading Thomas is the perfect solution.  You move an obscene contract and probably get too much back because you are selling high.  2 years ago when he was hot I said trade him while his value was high.  The following year he fell off the table and they spent the summer not being able to give him away.  Now his hot start makes people believe he's worth something again... and everyone will continue to ooh and ah over overplayed saves and ignore goals from behind the net like last night.  However, like last year, once the bad games start coming back, you wont be able to trade him for a six pack of Diet Coke again.

    In the event this management want to commit to the Flopper for the next couple years, they might as well trade Rask.  This is revolting watching this potential franchise goaltender get rustier and lose his confidence and completely rot away on the bench forever.  Lets trade Rask for a PMD and we can watch him develop someplace where he's appreciated.

    Awww Poor wittle soxfan is upset because he's been shown he doesn't know what good goaltending is! Poor, poor baby! Here maybe this will help?