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    In Response to Re: Trade Talk : I say Nashville is better off trading Suter. Trade him and get some scoring. They've had Suter,Weber and Rinne for how long now? What have they won? Now with those 3 taking up significant cap room how can they add scoring. Good team, Suter is a terrific player but they have the goaltending and 2 stud d-men and what do they get? Losing in the playoffs 2-1 or 3-2. Need balance and they lack enough scoring to be legit cup contenders. Posted by kelvana33

    I agree as Suter's biggest gripe has been that Nashville Ownership won't spend now. What are they going to do if they give Suter an extension for the money he wants ? David Poile is in a tuff spot, I would get something for him as GMs like a Slats would over pay.
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    Preds are currently a point better than the Bruins in the standings, and 12th overall in goals per game.  They're the fifth best team in the league.  You trade Suter and you change the identity of that team - and if the goal is to become a more rounded offensive team, then I hate to say it but no one is giving up enough offense to make the Preds suddenly balanced.

    So the argument that they should get something for Suter is flawed.  Dealing him is fundamentally saying that they are giving up on a season because they might lose one player in the off-season.  Trade him now or lose him for nothing - they're hooped in terms of winning either way.  Keep him and maybe they win something, and maybe they keep him after the season ends.  Gotta spend that playoff gate revenue somehow.
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    Re: Trade Talk

    I don't think Suter would be traded, and certainly not for anything less than something awesome.  If the Preds go on a big run and make it to the semi's or final, it could be a lot easier to sign Suter. For them it's probably worth it to take that risk. The organization needs some success.
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    Pred: It's more likely Weber goes on the market based on the fact they may not be able to afford both and may want to get something in return for him, but that would mean (based on their standing) a player that can help them now. Chia has already said he will not trade a roster player.

    I have a bad feeling the Horton injury may force Chia's hand to land a #2 winger for insurance. As far as Brown goes, Hockeybuzz (I know, I know), is stating teams are talking to LA about Brown.

    One can wish.
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    Re: Trade Talk

    Just saw Proapal got an extension. Cross him off the list.