Trades, Trades, Trades.

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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    I still can't believe Ryder makes 4 million
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    I tried this steve.  No luck.  Now I'm responding to man-crush trade proposals with: "Is this e-harmony?"  Try it.  It's cathartic.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Well first off lets look at who may be the big dumpers this year. My guess would be these teams.

    Ottawa - not a single player they would likely trade really offers much more then we have .. large inflated contracts on underachieving players. However i believe savard may be ok with a trade to ottawa and picking up a bad contract that may expire soon to let savard move on with his career elsewhere may be of interest.

    New Jersey - Jason Arnott - would certainly help this team to a long playoff run. Would be a top 6 forward on this team who is also decent at faceoffs and has won a couple cups and has gone deep into the playoffs more then anyone not named recchi on this team. Zach Parise - He's on LTIR atm .. but should be back in march will be a free agent i believe next summer 1012 and with kovalchucks signing the devils have pretty much assured parise will be gone. personaly ide give the barn for this guy because he brings it night in and night out and he would instantly become the face of the franchise.

    Toronto - No way in hell ide even touch toronto, let them rot right where they are till the end of the year and we have another top 5 draft pick. After that maybe they will take wheeler for thier next 2 first rounders? :)

    NY Islanders - They allready traded roloson who we didnt need anyhow and thats really thier only moveable piece. marc steit would have been nice and would certainly be the PMD we need on the power play, but i think he is out for the season.

    Florida - really only 1 player on this team fits the bruins needs atm and thats booth, he is worth the ransom it may take to get him. Great speed on the wing and a nice release, strong on his skates in the corners. would be a great fit for the bruins.

    Pheonix - Underachieving team this year much like the bruins .. odd that they went to prague together and both seem to be playing a subpar game. I know i saw some talks of yandle being trade bait early this year. If im going to trade for a defensemen im looking to get this guy, he is a stud! Again ide trade what it takes withing reason. He instantly makes this a better team.

    St. Louis - This team is loaded with young prospects and may need some elder influence to push them into the playoffs ... i guess the question is who among the prosepcts would they be willing to give up for that push?

    San Jose - Thier core isnt getting any younger and thier time has probably been lost. With that in mind Ryan Clowe would certainly fit our needs and we wouldnt have as many games where players dont show up for games as he would become the real captain of this team. But this one would cost a nice peice back in return ( like a krejci ).

    Calgary - Underachieving overpayed players ... this team looks like the ottowa of the western conference. I'm sure any player on the team without a trade clause can be had, but who would you really want? maybe reghir? but he certainly doesnt ft the PMD role very much.

    Edmonton - Ryan Whitney .. Young PMD who was leading NHL defensemen in assists this year for a while before he was injured. Is currently on the IR, not sure what the return time table is. Also he was one of the players who went after avery after his cheap shot on smid earlier this year. Showed me some heart, more then i can say for 3/4 of this bruins team. he has been regular trade bait come deadline time the last couple years and i fully expect that will continue this year. Maybe ryder and wheeler. Ryders contract expires at the end of the season and edmonton can take it on and gain wheeler in doing so which would probably interest them.

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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    great advice book.  hope you don't mind me plagerizing your retort

    disappointed so few want to talk "hockey' here 
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Bergeron is probably the 1 and only player that plays with his heart on his sleeve every game. 

    Why would you even consider trading Seguin--- probably the stupidest thing I have read on this board in a while.

    I totally disagree with you on Savard-- he is definetly tradeable.

    This team is a few moves away from being a serious Cup contender:

    1.  Replace Julien
    2.  Add a sniper.
    3.  Fix the Power Play.

    Problem is--- I don't see any of the 3 happening.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    I made no reference to who should be traded.  Agree those bottom scenario's are dumb, but if you want bona fide stars, you'll need to consider parting with some !  I'm of the opinion that tinkering is the only option, and the above only supports that.
    The point I'm trying to make is simply this:  This team can't move a piece or two...unless it's someone no one wants to move....and get better!  The cap numbers are posted.  If you think someone is tradeable, please make a logical case for who and why, and be prepared for the backlash.
    Show some gonads.
    Pumpsie and Yaso,.. how is giving Savard away, gonna make us better, and who do you think will take him, and why?  Pumpsie, what can you enlighten us with, regarding team chemistry? Yaso,  who/how many to we have to get rid of for that sniper?  how do we fix the pp? 
    Stanley, what good is trading TT next year gonna do? Other than that, I can't deciper your message, but it appears you're only willing to part with Chara.  do you actually believe Rick Nash for Chara would serve this group well this year?  don't you think that by improving the offense, you've left a glaring hole in defense?
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Heart, no heart, blah, blah, blah.  What I see is a 33 year old center coming off a major concussion signed for the next 7 years at $4 million a season.  If you are given the opportunity to trade Savard, you do it.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    One of the dummest things I have read on these boards trading Seguin.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    In Response to Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.:
    I still can't believe Ryder makes 4 million
    Posted by KrayzieJoe

    If I recall correctly, Ryder got 4m while the Rangers were giving Gomez & Drury 7m, which makes Ryder's contract look not so bad.... that's called looking at the bright side.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    That's what I'm saying.  There might be no way of trading Savard, but trading Krejci is not going to solve the Bruins' problems.  They have a surplus of picks and prospects.  They need to go out and get a legitimate puck-moving defenseman.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    its call lack of skill and bad signings pc just dont have an eye for talent.  Boston wants toughness grit and heart... all those good stuff but lack many thing to suceed and win it all, skills, talent mental toughness.  It also be poor style of coaching.  Claude style dont WORK!
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Exactly.  As soon as a player has even 1 good season (Ryder, Boychuk) Pc rewards them with multi-year/multi-million dollar contracts.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    exactly who recommended trading Seguin
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    timthomas.  I agree that it would be great to add a puck moving defenseman.  What i can't figure out, is how to get that done, without moving pieces no one wants to move, or no one in their right mind would want to take.
    Please help me
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.


    Thank you for a good post.  I like your peice.  To everyone else, please re-read what was said.  It's about tradeability not who should be traded.  It makes sense, in my eyes.

    I for one think the team is solid as it is now.  We have good players.  We need great coaching.  I can't offer any ideas on who should take over.  But that's where the changes need to come from.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Simple a player that you wouldn't think that needs to be traded needs to be traded that is it no trash for treasure trades.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    In Response to Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.:
    I tried this steve.  No luck.  Now I'm responding to man-crush trade proposals with: "Is this e-harmony?"  Try it.  It's cathartic.
    Posted by Bookboy007

    Ho-Hum.... More drivel from one of the self professed "hockey experts" pontificating from the throne. Write a novel and try to sell it. It's time to change your avitar to a simian.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    You might have pointed out the NMCs (Recchi, THomas) and the various NTC's.

    In Response to Trades, Trades, Trades.:
    Without question, to this poster, the most annoying subject on these threads, is trade talk. Surely everyone understands the basic premise of the cap.  If not....folks should be reading more, not posting.  The contract,(amount + duration) dictates a players "wantability", more than his talent, or potential, simply because it has to be worked into an existing model. Below is a list of most Bruins, their cap hit, accompanied by my humble opinion of their potential tradability.  That part is open to debate. Player              Cap Hit      Thoughts Bergeron         4.75       signed up long term for hi end bucks. The league l                                   loves em, but he's no bargain.  Could be moved Lucic             4.083      see Bergeron, big bucks, not yet proven. Savard           4.007     absolutely totally immoveable, locked in for years Horton            4.00      iffy long term deal in place. moveable Ryder             4.00      contract expiring. could be a few takers Krejci             3.75      decent L/T contract.  good potential, very tradeable Seguin           3.550     very, very, very tradeable Wheeler         2.2   one year deal. showing improvement.  very tradeable Recchi           1.9  very tradeable to a contender, no contract baggage Campbell        1.1  good contract, easily moved. Paille             1.075  short money/has his strenghts, moveable..for what? Thornton       .812  if the big dogs would only contribute 500% more !! Marchand      .822  29 other teams would love to have this guy/contract       Defense Chara           7.5  The industry considers him elite.  Very moveable if he agree's Seidenberg    3.25  his pay grade is in the ball park.  moveable Ferrence       2.25.  see Seids, shedding injury prone image.moveable Boychuk       1.875  not sure the league see's that kind of value ??? Stuart          1.675  easily moveable McQuaid/Kampfer   never hard to move prospect D's making near league minimum Thomas        5.0  if he wins another vezina, he'll be easily moveable Rask            1.25  easily, easily, easily moved After the above, we have prospects, and draft picks to dangle.  My opinion is, we're not that strong in the prospect department, and are really deep with draft picks. You may or may not agree with my player assesments, however, I don't know how anyone would disagree with the opinion that it's almost impossible to trade any one piece here for something much better, as the pieces most would like to dump, either can't be, or would bring little in return.  There are numerous options, but they all carry great risk. I can think of a few packages that would make PC's phone ring off the wall, so can everyone else here.  How about putting a for sale sign on Bergeron and Seguin?  How about Marchand and Chara, lets pair up Lucic and Rask.  How about Horton and Seidenberg?  Before I read another Rick Nash or Iginla trade thread, it'd sure be nice, not to  have to read 150 ridiculous posts before one somewhat logical one appears. After every loss here, most want to blow up the team, or at least aquire an elite scorer, AND, and an elite pmd. Here's my request to those clamouring for a trade.  Forget about any player in particular you'd like.  Just list what you think you'd need to delete from this team to aquire those 2 pieces,(elite scorer and elite PMD) and explain the overall team improvement you'd expect, keeping in mind what you've just lost.  Remember, we do live in a cap world. For those that think the problem is merely coaching....great news there too.  coaches have indeed been traded, and I'm sure CJ and his record could easily be dealt.
    Posted by stevegm

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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    stevegm trading Seguin was mentioned somewhere in one of stanleycuptothebruins,posts.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    I know this is unlikely but maybe the sharks who are having trouble this year would take Ryder and Mcquaid and Boston's first rounder for Couture.  Unlikely that a struggling team would trade away their leading scorer but who knows.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    If were trying to make a move for a puck moving defenseman we need to trade a player from the blueline. It takes something to get something so I would think a guy like Stuart could fetch a good return. I know Ference has been playing well, but its only a matter of time before he gets some kinda injury that throws a wrnch at that. If we can move him, I say move him now while he has value. I dont like the names Im hearing coming to Boston are, Kaberle is not a guy Id want on the team.

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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Steve, great itemization, you must have copied CAPGEEk. IMO you are right on. Chiarelli has built a very balanced team and put in place young guys like Kamfer and McQuaid that offset the number of centers/forwards like Spooner, McKnight, Sauve, Colborne,Arneil that are in the pipeline. All of these resources are in the meaty paws of Claude Julien who has an overwhelming reliance on defense first. I may not like the deterioration of Recchi; the laziness of Ryder; the lack of quality ice time for Seguin; but, it is what it is. The Bruins will not make the CUP this year, but, they are building towards it. As KPD emphasized " dump and chase " is Julien's mantra, and a " Lewis" payoff is not in the cards. In addition, there is no one trade that will impact this team and make it a cup contender. Of course, there is no other Eastern team that is much better, so maybe " contender" could be possible.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Would anyone be interested ina  deal that swings a package of Savard and a DMAN and a #2 to CAL For Regehr and Tanguay.

    Regehr #2 Dman on the Bruins, Chara/Regehr forwards would be scared shartless.

    Tanguay is Sturms replacement similar #'s of the years and tanguay has 11/22 allready this year at a sub 2mil cap hit.

    This could be the type of gamechanger that could help alleviate some of the problems this team has without sending too many bodies each way.

    Total Cap change is
    Tanguay 1.7
    Regehr 4.05
    CAL 5.75 out.

    Savard 4.07
    Ference 2.2 or Stuart 1.675
    BOS 6.27 or 5.675 OUT

    The money works.
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    Re: Trades, Trades, Trades.

    Savard keeps getting better and better (by far Bruins best player on the ice last night; his linemates unable to cash in on some brilliant passes--i.e. breakaway to Horton in the 1st)....and I am telling you, he has plenty of time to tune up his game even more and when springtime comes, he'll be close to that PPGame player we knew b4 he got his bell rung.

    That's like getting an elite player added to your team for nothing. Stop with the "trade Savard" crud already.

    The Bruins are screwed, trade-wise. All they can do is tinker here and there. I'd dump Wheeler/Ryder/Paille for almost ANYONE with a pulse just to get a breath of fresh air on the ice.

    The Toronto draft pick is the only ace PC has up his sleeve right now, and I don't think it's enough to get an elite player back.

    Trading Seguin is idiotic beyong idiocy. Trading Krejci or Bergeron immediately weakens what is one of the team's best strengths next to goaltending (3 good centers.) Lucic is the only guy who'll likely get eyebrows raised but he could--I said COULD--go back to being the player he should be at any moment, so that's risky too.

    I'm resigned to the inevitable 2d round KO this year. You can't trade away this team's future, and unfortunately for the B's, it always seems to BE the future we're banking on.

    It would be nice to see PC do something, however, just to shake off the cobwebs. Who else is sick and tired of watching Ryder and Wheeler carry the puck to the blue line only to get dumped on their butts while nothing comes of the rush?

    New blood--ANY--is needed to replace one or both of them, but as noted--it won't get you much back.