Sitting here at work and I have TSN 990 on. I get a kick out of listening to the babies in MTL. Today they had Roberto Luongo's brother on to discuss the game on Saturday. Tony's first question to him was whether Roberto asked out of the game. His brother just laughed and blamed it on the Boston media and its fans trying to make something out of nothing.
He then said that Roberto had texted him and said the Bruins fans were heckling him during the game and that it was the most fun he ever had sitting on the bench (yeah right!!!). He also said that he hated Boston and its fans more than he hated Chicago.
Tony said it would probably make headlines in the Boston Globe (I hope it does)

Roberto is the king coward among a team of cowards. I'm sure he's nice and rested to take on FLA tonight. After all, he used to play there so he should be starting there , right??
Saturday night I ran into Barry Pederson at the local pizza place in Swampscott. I asked him his take on the game. He looked at me and said: "They got out played, plain and simple". "They won the battle but, the Bruins won the war".
That about sums it up.
Go B's