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TSN's Countdown

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    TSN's Countdown

    To the trade deadline.
    Saying the Bs were scouting last nights game vetween Florida and St Louis, Possible tagreting Eric Brewer.
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    Re: TSN's Countdown

    Race is just too tight for anybody to want to make a move, especially the west. Teams for sure that will be sellers come trade deadline will be Islanders, Oilers, Senators, Panthers , Leafs and maybe the Devils (who are turning it up a nothc)

    Players from these teams that would interest the Bruins

    Ryan Whitney
    Stephen Weiss

    Trade offer

    Bruins 1st round pick + 2nd round pick + Wheeler, Ryder, Hamill, Stuart, Bartowski, Sauve (a combination of these picks and players)

    To Boston Versteeg and Kaberle : This trade would really help us out. Kaberle has been one of better offensive D's in the league for sometime. He isn't a liability in the defensive end. Would help our PP. Versteeg would bring recent Stanley Cup championship experience , speed and some underrated skills to our team. 

    To Boston Penner and Whitney: Whitney is a very good point producing D and ok in his own end. Help our PP and D poin production. Penner could thrive playing for the Bruins. He is like a Corey Perry. Avg Skater, big size, and willing to do some dirty work in all areas of the ice. 

    To Boston Stephen Weiss : Desperation trade if PC can't get anybody. His game is similiar to Savards. Like a poor man Savard. Not sure if he would help our team that much. 

    To Boston Kovalev : Desperation trade if pc can't get anybody. Would be a risky move but also possibly genius. He has played well before with CJ, he is a FA next year and i'm sure would play better with us vs playing on a Senators team.

    Was going to mention Gonchar but i think he is done. Bad at his own end especially and costly

    Really like trade options with Toronto or Edmonton. Get a point producing D and forward that brings intangibles to our lineup we are missing now
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    Re: TSN's Countdown

    Heard the same thing. Brewer would probably only be a rental though. Forget Kaberle, he is overpaid , Burke will ask too much in return & yes he is a liability in his own end. We could do much better than him.
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    Re: TSN's Countdown

    I love Whitney, but he's out for the rest of the season.
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    Re: TSN's Countdown

    I would offer Stuart, Wheeler, BOS 1st, and their choice of Suave/Bartowski/Hamil/2nd round pick for Versteeg and Kaberle
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    Re: TSN's Countdown

    Eric Brewer would look good in a Bruins uniform.