As a Bruins fan I feel we will miss TT and he should be punished for putting himself before his team, the fans, coaches and management. I also have a family and work hours for long periods of time that I am away but I still go to work because I have to but so do most men and women. TT will have to answer to someone , a contract is a binding situation, like your word is your bond and TT you just blew it.
I hope the new CBA will find a way to stop these things from happening again so players like TT cannot put their team in this position again and force them into keeping players on their cap who won't honor thier contract. This new CBA has lots
 to fix starting with things like this.
TT can still fix this and I think his family would back him if He decided to play at least one more season for whoever it may be and make things right for all concerned. I had thought TT was much wiser than this, but I guess I was wrong.