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    Re: Tukka

    In Response to Tukka:
    Jezzzzzz this guy is freaken useless this year. Send him back to Finland on a one way trip or even better back to the leafs.
    Posted by Taz2424

    While I disagree with your statement, I do believe that SoxFan won't be showing up to these boards for another month or so.
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    Re: Tukka

    Has his warranty expired?  Maybe we can return him for Raycroft.  He isn't just hurting the team in only his starts at this point, but hurting Timmy as well.  Timmy cant get any rest, Rask keeps getting pulled in his starts.
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    Re: Tukka

    Sober up Tuukka.. He looks so slow.. I know team is not playing well tonight, but he looks sooooooooooo bad. Cant even get post to post. Seems like he is hungover or something as he is not sharp.  Will be nice to see these guys guys again with Thomas in net and a few more days rest.  Hard to show up after Canadiens game.  Emotional letdown.
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