This discussion is dedicated to mr. rask. He has shown me what has long been lost in the landscape of not only boston sports but the out of control american contracts. Players being paid for past performances and then underperforming for the remainder of their contract. Look to the red soxs if you have any questions about what i am talking about. Rask yesterday gained my entire respect, by signgin his one year contract at a reasonable price tag. He put his money where his mouth is which in the landscape of sports is not seen anymore. He said let my performance decide what my deal of the future will be. I wish him nothing but the best i hope he post the best numbers in the league next year.

He could have streched out the negotations for another couple weeks and got the bruins to hand him a 4 year deal instead he wanted to earn it. In these economic times he has showed me what i respect most from people, which is responsibility and accountability. He did what people have long forgotten in this country, stop sticking your handout bcs in a realistic world no-one should be there to give you anything.