Typical Flyers

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    Re: Typical Flyers

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    In response to Crowls2424's comment:

    I didn't have any issue with it.  Losing 7-0, show some life/fight.  Not like they sent out a goon as a proxy to "show some life", this was Simmonds, Brayden Schenn & Lacavalier.  If you are Emery, why not get some shots in too?

    If this were the Bruins, we would be appluading it.  Be thrilled to see Rask go down the ice and take it to Holtby.  Be thrilled that despite the score, they showed some life/fight.

    This board has turned into a bunch of old ladies.  Good luck at bingo tonight!

    They showed some life all right. A struggling team now has an injured Lecalvalier and Downie while Schenn got pounded. But hey, Emery thug pounded a guy who didnt want to fight. I can see how these actions will bring some life to that underacheiving team.
    I think Ray Emery needs to concentrate more on stopping pucks and the rest of his Flyer teammates need to focus on playing better hockey.

    Fair to question the intelligence and result of the action, but some of the rhetoric here is out of control.  Even Emery "thug pounded" Holtby is extreme.  Emery was the instigator in the fight and was correctly penalized for it.  Also penalized for leaving the crease, and was given a 10 and a game.

    It's a fight guys, get a grip.  Time for another ovaltine for some of you, you get cranky when your blood/sugar levels get low.

    I get ypour point Crowls, but it's not a fight when only one wants to.

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    Re: Typical Flyers

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    ...  Bad build, bad planning, bad performance from the core and no flexibility because of what you've already had to eat in order to deal with previous decisions...

    If you are seeing any real plan in that franchise, go buy a lottery ticket, because you must be clairvoyant.

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    Re: Typical Flyers

    This says it all:


    WASHINGTON POST: Joel Ward scored his first career NHL hat trick and Nicklas Backstrom scored twice as the Capitals crushed the Philadelphia Flyers 7-0. The game degenerated into a line brawl in the third period as the Flyers sought to take out their frustrations with their fists. Not only did it have no effect on the game’s final outcome, the Flyers lost Steve Downie and Vincent Lecavalier to injuries suffered during those fights.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers goalie Ray Emery, who skated the length of the ice to fight a clearly reluctant Capitals goalie Braden Holtby, was named third star of the game. Bra-vo, Flyers (insert slow, sarcastic clap here). You not got beaten badly on the scoreboard, your stupid line brawl resulted in injuries to two forwards.  Yeah, that’ll teach those Capitals not to beat you 7-0.

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    Re: Typical Flyers

    Emery shutout the Devils last night 1-0.

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    Re: Typical Flyers

    It's been a pleasure to see that the Hockey Gods are paying attention to Philly and their nonsense, then doling out a little First Testament justice.

    Shortly after Ray Emery was praised by local media and made the '3rd star' for giving up 4 goals on 15 shots and then attacking Holtby (shutout) for no reason during a 7-0 loss, the Flyers announced that their leading scorer (Lecavalier) and new acquisition (Downie) were both out indefinitely with facial fractures.  The injuries resulted from what doctors are calling moderate to severe a$$-kickings, back to back.

    Even the one thing that Flyers fans can cling to -- being thugs -- isn't working out well for them.