Ville Leino would look great as a Bruin and there's no way in hell the Flyers will be able to squeeze him under the cap unless a guy like Kimmo Timmonen is cap dumped. I think the Bruins should overpay to get this player (they'll have to as he's UFA), which would give them at least two legitimate scoring lines. Bruins would have 5-6 million left for a d-man and they should use it if there's a good one available on the UFA market or for cheap in the trade market.

Compensate by using our cheap rookies to fill out the roster. Win-win situation because we'll be get some new talent to play with our already stellar core and our young guys will get a shot, which only helps us down the line.

Lucic Krejci Horton
Leino Savard Seguin
(Youngster) Bergeron Caron
Thornton Campbell Marchand

Chara (New number 2)
Boychuk Stuart
Seidenberg Kampfer/McQuaid

Also, there's the possibility the Leafs pick is a roster player.

The downside risk is that we'll be right up near the cap and in two years someone will have to be moved. But we'll have a clearer picture then of who is going to help us win (if we haven't already) and most of our players are marketable, so we should be able to decide who goes. Bruins will win a Cup in the next 5 years, but we need to make a move and take advantage of the opportunity that will be there.