Guys Bs should look at:
---G:Scott Clemensen and Alex Auld. I think this is a bigger priority than others think. Bs making nice long term plans at Goalie, but if Rask gets hurt in 2012/2013 they are toast this year with no plan.
--F: Doan, Dustin Penner, Semin, A. Kostitsyn, Gaustad, Parenteau (in that order)
---D: Ryan Suter makes the most sense. He'd be the co-#1 D man with Chara and allow Bs to transition into
a younger D corps moving away from the several old guys they're letting go/last couple years of Ferrence etc...and
into the new corps of Hamilton/McQuaid/Bartkowski.....young enough to be the Anchor when Chara retires/regresses.
ALSO, nice pre-emptive way to keep other contenders from getting Suter. Pittsburgh is a top contender. That would be
fatal to the rest of East.
Plan B at D..Matt Carle..solid defender with excellent pedigree