Unconventional Thinking

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    Unconventional Thinking

    With the blue line more nicked up than ever (what is with Boston teams and injuries right now?), I just thought of something odd, but I think it would actually be effective.

    If I'm not mistaken, teams have 20 roster spots for games, which is usually 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies. Would it be whack to dress 7 defensemen and 11 forwards? I mean, is Caron REALLY that productive? I'd rather see the Bruins call Miller up for the season (who was eating up close to 20 minutes against lesser teams), and keep Chara's minutes to 22 or so against lesser teams. Miller was getting 18 minutes per game overall. Until maybe Kelly comes back(I think campbell, Spooner, Soderberg, Smith, and others are more than capable of getting an extra minute or two instead of having Caron simply eat minutes and providing nothing), I would rather see Chara-Boychuk-McQuaid-Miller-Krug-Warsofsky and whoever else eat extra minutes to keep Chara fresh, as he can't sustain what he's doing at his age, especially with the Olympics this year.

    I'm fairly certain that Miller will be called up for the year, but is this far-fetched?

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    Re: Unconventional Thinking

    I forgot Bartkowski and didn't realize Warsofsky wasn't playing last night, but still, I think Hamilton is due back soon, and I just think it would be prudent to not overtax Chara. Granted, Miller and Hamilton are more suited to eat more even-strength minutes than Krug or Bartkowski, but I'd prefer to see them dress 7 defensemen over having a 12th forward like Caron, Thornton, or even Fraser. I just don't think those guys contribute enough to be put in over guys who actually chip in offensively and defensively.


    I just think that the Seidenberg injury-burden needs to be put on the other players, as Chara can't sustain 26+ minutes anymore.

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    Re: Unconventional Thinking

    Millers next recall will have to be a permanent one or risk losing him and thats why the Bs are checking out what else they have and what they can do in the nhl. I think eventually miller gets the permanent call in due time now that seids is done.

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    Re: Unconventional Thinking

    ya. if miller plays one more game he can't be sent back down. so this wouldn't work. miller wasn't sent down in favor of warsofsky. 

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    Re: Unconventional Thinking

    While unconventional, this might have some merit once Hamilton is ready to play again and while we wait for Soderberg, Eriksson & Kelly to heal up. IMRHO, Johnson or Fraser would sit before Caron, who played quite well tonight.