Update : bet Red vs Stanley

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    Re: Update : bet Red vs Stanley

    In response to BadHabitude's comment:



    Sure.  I will bet you 2.26 million internet dollars.


    Kessel will never score more than 60 goals in a single season.

    Kessel will never win more than 2 Conn Smythe trophies.

    Kessel will never win more than 3 Stanley Cups.

    Kessel will never win more than 3 Richard trophies.

    Kessel will never drop the gloves with John Scott.

    And I saved the best for last.

    Kessel will never dive to block a shot.

    And one extra,

    Kessel will never become a player I like.

    Oh come on, what's not to like?


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    Re: Update : bet Red vs Stanley



    Pev scored again last night Stanley.

    And Johnson better show up tonight.  

    You said he was better than Khudo.  

    And you had Khudo outplaying Rask.

    If Johnson doesn't get a shut out, I am going to ban you.

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    Re: Update : bet Red vs Stanley

    Johnson let in a goal against CBJ.

    You and your predictions Stanley.

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    Re: Update : bet Red vs Stanley

    In response to Bookboy007's comment:

    Fletch, you forgot a few.  Like Jamie Tardif.  You know, the guy who had 30 goals in the AHL last year and should therefore have been in Boston even though he's a 28 year old AHL vet who couldn't even crack the Sabres lineup this year?  'Course, there'd be no room for him if the Bruins had listened to Stanley and brought up 28-goal man in Providence, Mikko Lehtonen;  but then, how would Bern in the Swiss-A replace the 2-5-7 line in 18 games he's provided them this year?

    Folks, not that you need it, but at great risk to his earning potential on QVC, I now give you, one time only and completely free of charge: The Stanley Method.

    1. Look at scoring leaders in Providence.

    2. Look at the top of Bruins' prospect rankings on hockeysfuture.com.

    3. Look for one of those prospects/AHL scoring leaders who has done something...anything...in the NHL even over an extremely short period of time.

    4. At various times during the year, tell everyone how, if you were GM, the scoring leaders in Providence/player with limited and grossly distorted NHL experience would be in Boston in place of an established veteran whose role is not based primarily on point production.  Repeat incessantly. 

    5a. (If one of the players you are crowing about plays well) Remind everyone that you "spotted this talent before anyone."  Add to your resume of reasons why you should replace Peter Chiarelli after the Bruins' next two-game losing "streak".

    5b. (For the players who never make the jump or, when they do, perform like drunken Ivan Humls) write the names of these players on slips of flash paper.  Drink two shots of Knob Creek, hit yourself in the head with a rubber mallet, sing the Forgetting Song, burn the slips of paper.  Never talk about these players again.

    6. When 5b fails, particularly when you are called on your love of players who did not break out - acknowledge that you have fallen out of love with the player, blame the player for not living up to his potential, then immediately shift to why as GM you would have traded the player for an All-Star before anyone else could see he wouldn't live up to his potential.  Telling people you and Cam Neely have discussed this over mojitos impresses people enough that they forget that you're batting a David Freese like .093.  (Note: F U David Freese - god I hate the Cardinals!) 

    I agree BUT Stanley's all right he's with us. It's when everyone tries to troll like him. Let him be the GM if he wants, he bring some facts up. i have a soft spot for the bruin bear  photo lol. Yes freese was awful pitch him low and away could not make the adjustment. The yanks are after him I'm losing sleep. Lol.