In response to SanDogBrewin's comment:

"When you look at the US team (and their coach), they looked at the talents of the players on their D and they let the horses run.  Top 3 D scorers in the tournament are Americans, 4 in the top 13, 5 in the top 21.  That's not just guys playing well; it happens when the team looks for O from the D."

Did Housley ever let his Dmen run with it! Gotta love those PMDs that can play some D.


Bingo...I was moving l this past week and didnt get a chance to watch much of the action..i have pretty much caught myself up thanks to all the re-runs on NHL Network..For me it was clear in the canada-u.s game that the U.S had a plan of their defensman jumping into the play, even more than previous games. And Canada couldnt handle it. Changed the whole way canada forwards had to play...That and the fact that Canadas forwrds made bad decisions with the puck, kept missing the net high and wide and some timely saves by Gibson..Well done by the U.S.