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Very Confused

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    Re: Very Confused

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    In response to kitchener's comment:


    And my 7 year old cousin has a harder shot then him.


    Let me know when your seven-year-old cousin wins multiple scoring titles.


    Not saying he wasn't great at one time,but i just call as i see them,if someone was listening to game on radio,you would think he was playing great,all you would here is Jagr has the puck,he;s holding on to it,he's still holding on to it.But if your watching the game it's Jagr sticks his but out holds on to the puck,don't pass it to the open guys in front of the net,becaus, there has been open playersAnd when he does get the odd shot on net,it has the velocity of a wet noodle.

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    Re: Very Confused

    no bad vibes this close to game time... good luck to the boston bruins! we (well some) are pulling for you. LETS GO BRUINS!!!!!!!