vs. Pens

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    Re: vs. Pens

    Really hate Sav don`t ya.

    He was hammered to the head to the boards and was shaken up, so be it, he had his time to get his wind back. He went right back out next shift.
    Kudos to Sav.

    Had he not gone back the next shift and waited to the 2nd shift you would have called him a pansy.

    Sav is coming along and played a good game as did his entire line.  Out of the 25 scoring opportunities the B`s generated, they contributed about half or more. They had 17 shots on net and that many more that never made it or were wide.

    Sav and the whole team were consistant in that their passing was brutal for the majority of the game, and that is the whole team.

    It was still a great game to watch and I was still expecting the comeback unlike a lot of games earlier this year and almost all the games last year.  Losses like this, while you get no points, you still come away with a good feeling about your team and their play.

    They still let Cooke beat them he had 2 assists, while annoying the bejeesus out of everyone that played or watched.  Bring McG up and let him serve a 20 game suspension for decapitating the little prickly.
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    Re: vs. Pens

    In Response to vs. Pens:
    1.  Lots of fun to watch. 2.  Wheeler is really playing well.  He's skating hard on every shift, taking the body and back checking like mad.  Maybe Stanley will find redemption in a couple of years. 3.  The Staal goal was directly related to McQuaid's inexperience.  There is no way that puck should have gotten past him. 4.  Ryder's quick shot is a thing of beauty.  I wish we could see it more often. 5.  Boychuk was giving it to Cooke again, and Cooke was a coward again. 6.  I'm a Greg Campbell fan. 7.  Savard gets checked hard and goes down.  He stays down in the offensive zone on his face then on his hands and knees for an extended period of time.  The B's had possession and were on the attack.  The trainer has to help him off the ice.  He doesn't miss a shift.  Either he was faking to draw the penalty (and failed) or he's petrified.  Either way, it's not Boston Bruins hockey. 8.  Rask looked almost lazy on the first two goals. 9.  Bartkowski didn't look out of place.  He played fine. 10.  Fourth line out late in a one goal game.  Booooooooooo. 11.  Seidenberg's shot:  I want to see it more! 12.  Fun game.  Not the outcome we wanted, but still a lot of fun.
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    Agreed on all of your points NAS except #7, that looked like a pretty solid hit on him.....maybe it stunned him a bit, I don't know, but It looked like he got his bell rung. Glad to see he was okay.