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No, I said his most recent work was in the minors and obviously off the lockout with STL.

You apparently didn't know he was even in the minors, along with ultra annoying "Kevlana", so you lashed out at me thinking I didn't know he was in the minors at all recently.

You dorks are amazing here.


I've been trying to keep out of this, but really?  Did you read what you typed before at all?




basically lead Redden to get buried in minors (with STL).



You don't see how this can be taken as saying that STL was the team that buried him?  He played in all but one Blues game in March.

Nearly half of your posts claim that anyone that has either disagreed with you or pointed out a perceived error is either a drooling sycophant or a "dork" (when did that become an insult again?).  Nearly all of the bickering goes back to some post or another you've made where you've either jumped to a conclusion, made an easily misunderstood statement, or condescendingly attacked another poster. 

You may want to consider re-reading your own posts whenever you get a negative response to determine if there's been a misunderstanding, and then try really hard not to include insults when trying to clarify or argue your stance.

Owned much?

Seriously king, take it easy, pick your battles, and read what you write.