Every one of the answers is also a town in the great state of Massachusetts.

There’s only one “gimme” in the bunch and these are tough!  Google to your heart’s delight!

1 He was the backup to the backup goalie in a Bruins Cup run.

2 He played for every team in the NHL.  No kidding.  And no, he wasn’t the organist or something.

3 I think he is best known for his off ice innovations with foot wear.

4 The Rangers traded this forward to the Bruins because they felt he his defensive game was terrible.

5 He was from Acton, played for Cushing Academy, University of Michigan, Team USA in Calgary and then bounced all around the NHL and in his final season played 3 games for the Bruins.

6 He was bounced out of Minnie when Bellows was drafted in his sophomore season.

7 He played with Derek Sanderson on the Philadelphia Blazers.

8 This rookie of the year was traded to the Bruins after 7 seasons with the Rangers