Well, We Have to Keep it Light

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    Well, We Have to Keep it Light

     One has to find it Chris Oddleifson that the Bruins are involved in yet another Game 7.

     Somewhere we have to find someone who can stand at the front of the net and Wayne Cashman one in from the slot. Of course that would mean one of our Dit Clapper’s would have to find its way through from the point.

     Surely there’s a Greg Sheppard who can lead us to the promised land. I don’t give a Milt Schmidt about the past and torches being passed. We can Eddie Shore up our hopes if we can only get going early. Someone really needs to knock the Bobby Schmautz out of Subban or we’re going to feel the Jake Rathwell of Habs’ fans all summer.

     We have many Ross Brooks to leap to win Game 7 or we’re going to all be Ted Green.

     It would Ron Shock all of us if Lucic doesn’t do something soon, but we need some Terry Crisp passes from Kaberle if the B’s don’t want to fall into the Wayne Rivers in the area.

     There will be so many PJ Axelson’s to grind if it’s not a 5-2 win tonight and we’ll have to take PJ Stock of Julien’s job.

     KP Dupont will be Jozef Stumpled with the latest collapse unless someone sticks like a Steve Leach to Montreal’s fleetfooted forwards. Knock me over with a Glen Featherstone if we go ahead 2-0, but I’ll be John Blue if we give up the first one.

     Tell you the truth, this whole series is driving me Bill Quackenbush.

     We’re all going to Ed Westfall into depression unless we can Blaine Lacher this thing up tonight.


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    Re: Well, We Have to Keep it Light

    well done...Cam we get an amen! GO B's 
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    Re: Well, We Have to Keep it Light

    Even in the days of "Bobby Orr & the Big Bad Bruins" (68-69-71-73), the Canadiens were unbeatable.

    I always believed Boston would beat Montreal back then and I still believe they'll beat them now!