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west game 7's

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    Re: west game 7's

    In response to adkbeesfan's comment:

    i would love- like most everyone else here to see an original 6 SCF. but that's what my heart tells me. i'll pose the question this way... two ways to respond to each west series. which team you'd put your $ on, and which team your heart is with( team you want to win). they might be the one in the same, or could be different. curious to see where everyone goes with this. i'd put money on the kings(at home, defending SC champs, quick, mr. clutch-brown), my heart is with the sharks(for the simple reason i think the b's could handle them easier in the SCF). i'd put money on the hawks(at home, kane, toews, hossa, seabrook- they have serious talent). my heart is with the wings(always had a soft spot for the wings-going back to the adk wings, class organization, i love watching daytsuk play). "always bet with your wallet, not your heart", a saying i've remembered since i was a kid. glad i'm not a betting man.

    Wish SJ had pulled it off...when/if the Bs make it past Pitts, they'd have had an easier final than against LA...I expect Chicago to finish off the Wings...just too much talent...too strong for Detroit although they've had all they want from the Wings...I'd really like to see an 'original 6' final. 

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    Re: west game 7's

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    Adk, dont go there please.  Go back and read the hundreds of posts i made prior to the deadline and going into the playoffs if these guys met up   Well they are.  I also said any team with a hot goalie, timely scoring, depth and health would likely win.  Im concerned on our back end and scoring.  I love what krug and bart have done.  I also watched the 2nd best defensive team get absolutely ripped by pitt.  


    Dont confuse this as jumping off the ship.  I still believe they have enough to beat them and win the cup.  Im very concerned about our back end.  Krug, Bart, McQ will have a lot harder test with some of the best in the world.  This isnt boyle and asham in a trap at center ice.  

    Its gonna be an absolute war.   Pitt hasnt had a team like Boston.  I cant wait for it to start.  

    No need to explain, Shupe.  Everyone knows you're a real B's fan, objectively discussing hockey.  adk is mistaking using your noggin for gloom and doom.

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    Re: west game 7's

    I doubt the D&G crew would see any difference.

    Frankly, this is why I think "predicting" at this point of the season is a little bit mad.  I have no idea what's going to happen in the Boston-Pittsburgh series.  I know what I want to have happen, and I know which team finished higher in the standings in the regular season, and I know neither of those things has diddly/squat to do with what happens over the next two weeks.

    Bring it on.

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    Re: west game 7's

    In response to shuperman's comment:

    LA wins. Chicago wins.  LA beats Chicago. LA wins cup over Pitt.  Dont hate bc i didnt pick the bruins.  Its just what i think will happen.  I think boston has a great chance and will give pitt everything it can handle.  I just worry about their scoring. 


    And yes LA can beat any team left in a 7 game series.

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    Re: west game 7's

    I think Chicago adds their name to the short list of teams that have come back from 3-1 series deficits. Watching LA, they appear to have the better goaltending, and more physical club, so I give them the advantage when/if Chicago meets them.

    As for the East, I have the same thoughts as Shuperman; I badly want the B's to win, but realize they are facing a serious fight against a scoring machine. For Boston to win, they'll need to have great goaltending/Defense and take it to the Penguins physically.