This half wit is actually calling the Max Pacioretty hit "The Big Flop". The guy literally broke his back and he's calling it a flop.  While discussing it last night Felger was actually turned upset and called the act reprehensible. Not the hit itself, but the flop and portraying the injury as more than it actually was. I didn't see the same disdain when Paul Pierce was hauled off in a wheelchair only to show up 5 minutes later with a skip in his step. I know he called him out on it because Felger hates basketball but there was no disdain for the act. There were no words used in this town like abhorent or,........REPREHESIBLE. Give me a break,....A WHEELCHAIR!!!!  We were all tought how disgusting it is to use a wheelchair unless you need one. And we were all tought how REPREHENSIBLE it is to poke fun of, in any shape or form, cancer patients. Yet most of the HOMERS in this town defended Kevin Garnett when he did just that. The Hypocrisy in the town is UNMATCHED!! stop pointing fingers every single frackin day of your lives and look in the mirror. EVERYTHING you allege, you are guilty of yourselves.