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what about Seids ?

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    what about Seids ?

    oh wait that's Dennis Seindenberg to us fans.


    hopefully he will be okay to play somewhere in the second round because without him,things get a little bit tougher to win the series.

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    Re: what about Seids ?

    I'll give him some of my meds and everything will be just fine.

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    Re: what about Seids ?

    Without Seidenberg, they will certainly have a tougher time. They would no longer have that automatic shut down pair that they could throw out in any situation.

    I haven't heard anything about his injury yet, but it looked as though he got injured on a knee on knee collision. Those types of hits can either be very serious, or just strains that may take a couple of days to heal.

    Hopefully he will be OK for the NYR series. The B's are going to need every man on board going forward.