What I didn't see in Game #2

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    What I didn't see in Game #2

    I didn't see CJ rolling out his 4 lines like in game #1. Hardly saw the fourth line, who were spectacular in game 1.

    I didn't see the crisp break out passes. Was missing Ferance that much of a difference ?  Defence were a little floppy in our end.

    No sustained cycle in the Leafs end.

    Bergeron and Krejci's lines looked good. Jagr and Peverley looked kind of lost out there. I wonder is they should insert Soderberg for the next game ?

    More emotion please.

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    Re: What I didn't see in Game #2

    What I saw was a team that is waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen.

    The ability to turn the "switch" on has past. The rest of the league has caught up to the Bruins in terms of effort.

    The Bruins must start playing and putting in the effort. It has became easy to play against the Bruins.

    We could get away with excuses last year because Horton wasn't there. This year, from the entire month of April to today, the Bruins have no excuse. Sorry.

    Play or the good times are over. I'm sure PC sees at least six present Bruins he doesn't want back, no matter what they do in the playoffs.