The Obvious
A devensive player does not want to get beat and afford the opposing player a scoring Opportunity.
I don't think it is fair to have the checker have to make a split second decision to decide I am able to rub him out where there is glass or no glass yet.
So put the responsibilty on the offensive player.  Do I want to risk getting rub out in that area of the ice where there is the danger of catchimng the stansion.

I am just trying to make the game a little fairer for the defensive player to redeem him self when he is getting beat.

Would look pretty bad if Chara lets up and the video shows that he could have completed his check in the safe area and Pax's scores or creates a scoring chance.

Game is  like a jay walker and a driver looking to cheat the light.

Just too fast and I think that this rule should be put on the gambler. 

Don't put yourself in the danger area and the incident won't happen

The NHL ruled that Chara was not accountable, so until the rink is changed to become a safer place to play the game make the other guy accountable to avoid the area