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What number pick will Toronto's 1st rounder by???

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    Re: What number pick will Toronto's 1st rounder by???

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    I disagree DC. Couturier's IQ is off the charts. He's a big body, plays physical and is hard to get off the puck. His defense is nearly flawless, he picks off passes left and right, you'd think he was a defensemen. He's a good passer, and has a decent shot, and can play RW (if need be). I do agree, however, that his skating could use some work. I think he'll be a much, much more offensively talented version of Jordan Staal. Has a little bergy in his game too. The thing that concerns me about Huberdeau is his weight. He's only about 160, and he'll need 2 years or so to get use to the physical play. No doubt he's a good player though, and you could say the same for RNH, although I think RNH is a much better player. No doubt JH is good though! As for the #5 slot. If we do get it, I'd rather choose Ryan Murphy over DOugie Hamilton. People say Murph doesn;t have great size (5'11/175-180), but it's not as if DOugie Hamilton is a monster (although he's 6'3, he only weighs about 182). If, and it's a BIG if, considering how other teams (Colorado) are slipping, we get the #4 pick, I'd LOVE to see them take Gabriel Landeskog. Kid can play both wings, a good shot and tremendous vision.
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    I agree with this. Unlike Grattton et al. Couturier Is a solid two-way player and known for his defensive prowess. Add this to the numbers he has been putting up in Junior and he is impressive. His size is icing on the cake.

    Is he a can't miss prospect? Not sure but he has enough of well rounded game to stick in the BHL in some capacity. I would not complain if the B's were "stuck" with him.
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    Re: What number pick will Toronto's 1st rounder by???

    Getting pumped again about this pick!  I really don't think we can go wrong in the top 7 this year.  The big 4 names, which I think we will end up with as toronto will finishes 3-5 most likely, especially with the brutal schedule as pointed out here.  But Hamilton, and J Hub would be great consolations at 5 or 6.  J Huberdeau seems to be rising more and more, and playing great, would love another offensively talented guy like this in the B's pipeline, him Bergy and Seguin would make a heck of a top 3 centers one day.

    Thanks to all of you who follow the varying CHL leagues, and these player, and then pass on what you know.  I really wish NHL network would play more CHL games.

    Most fans get the opportunity to either A. Hope their team makes noise in the playoffs, or B.  Hope for the future and have discussions like these.  How fortunate have we been to get both?  It's amazing how the Bruins are "rebuilding" in the midst of making playoff pushes!  I hope Seguin and whoever we get this year end up being our pair of top tier guys alla toews/kane, stamkos/hedman, ovie/backstrom, etc.
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    Re: What number pick will Toronto's 1st rounder by???

    By the way, pretty good article and some analysis on the prospects by Gare Joyce at ESPN (I know, basketball nation).  But all the same, a fairly up to date list from a guy with pretty good connections in the scouting world.  Just another mock to enjoy everyone!  ** disclaimer, must be espn insider** (if you aren't, you can still see the Bruins potential pick and a little write up on the first 5 guys).