What Should The Players Have Done To Change Their Fates?

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    Re: What Should The Players Have Done To Change Their Fates?

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    I would just assume that NHL owner's are greedy.  They are businessmen trying to maximize profit for their assumed risk.  Just not a big surprise there.


    That said, I thought hockey players were different than the athletes in different sports (NBA, MLB, NFL).  I thought they were living out boyhood dreams and getting paid well beyond anyone's imagination for playing a kid's sport, and appreciative for the opportunity.  I have been proven wrong.  The NHL players have been every bit the "divas" from the other sports; see comments from the likes of Ian White, Kris Versteeg and Dave Bolland. 


    Now Troy Brouwer questions his teammate’s commitment because they disagree with his position?  How embarrassing and frankly disgraceful. 


    "For me, I think those guys selling us out, being selfish like that and making those comments..." Brouwer continued. "Me being on their team, how am I going to trust them as a teammate from now on? Because you know they're not going to support players in the big scheme of things when you go and you play on the team with them; it's going to be tough to want to back those guys from now on."



    The NHLPA is no different than any other sport's union.  Doing all it can to squeeze out every last dollar for the cause. 


    Sure Crowls, don't bother including what Brouwer said just seconds before the quote you've provided. Nowhere in the article does Brouwer take exception with them having a different opinion than his own. His issue is their lack of involvement in the process. If those players have an issue with the way the union is being run shouldn't they at least mention it to the union before crying about it to the media?

    "Those are two guys that have never been on a conference call, never been to a meeting, never paid attention," Brouwer told The Post. "People are going to have their own opinions but when you're fighting for something with 700 other guys, all you're doing is just making it harder to make a deal and making it harder to accomplish the things we're fighting for.

    I'm with you & Brower on this one Dez. Those other 2 have no business spouting off if they're not part of the process! Also it does show how these two are not great teammates at all! You don't mouth off to the media...EVER!! You say it to their face! Show up at meeting, include yourself in a concall. Send out an email. If they had ANY decency at all they could've said that they have no comment & that they show their opinions with the leaders & followers of the NHLPA & the NHL in person. These two "AZZ CLOWNS" just showed how classless they really are & anyone who agrees with what they did just shows they don't have much either. 

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    Re: What Should The Players Have Done To Change Their Fates?

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    Dez, interesting post under the THN used by yourself in this thread.  Essentially it outlines the reasons why the NHLPA is using the current tactic.  Yes, the marginal players are being unduly harmed in these negotiations, but the long run of the revenue sharing argument boils down to  how 6 teams are receiving most of the revenue sharing monies from the other teams in the league.   So when I speak of how the Bettman expansion of the NHL in the 90s was a money grab by the owners, and how the that expansion is now costing the players, I unwittingly am agreeing that the NHLPA current negotitions tactic is greater than career losses by those "marginal" players.  Certainly that goes against my stance on defending Recchi in his comment of the CBA negotitions.  


    I admire anyone whose opinions and thoughts are based on information.  Especially if that person is secure enough to modify their stance based on more information. 

    The only afterthought SteveGM is the "marginal" players did have more of the pie with the same expansion of the NHL in the 1990s.  My what a wonderful thing to argue over millions when the economic debt of the US conincides with the potential tax increases and much needed beaucratic cost reduction.  Then hauntingly  a devaluation of the dollar on the horizon.  To quote an old south african song from the 60s "It's a strange world we live in master jack".  That is the reason I hege on my judgement of the CBA negotiations.