What are your expectations for Caron in terms of production?

He finished with a 7/8/15 line last year in 48 games for the Bruins. Statistically he was quiet for a while until he went on an impressive streak, then sort of faded away. We saw what he has the potential to do during that streak all though it was short lived.

Caron seems like a good defensively responsible forward, especially for his age. I didn't notice many mistakes from him last year. I liked when he started to play physical, which seemed to result in improved offensive production. He has the build and size to play that way and I hope to see more of it this year.

Last year I was content with him simply playing hard, physical, and not making mistakes. This year I think his role will be elevated a bit and production will be needed from him. Hopefully we see more of the Caron that we saw late in the season when he went on that hot streak.

I'm personally expecting him to be on the third line. He should improve his numbers this season.... 15-20 goals, ~20 assists would be nice.

Hopefully having Spooner and Knight in Providence will motivate him to play even better.