What we know

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    What we know

    1.  TT will make saves that Rask won't
    2.  CJ has become more flexible with his line combos
    3.  Overtime in the playoffs is 5 on 5, which is more conducive to their system
    4.  Team speed has improved since the deals
    5.  PK is not a problem
    6.  PP is a problem
    7.  Defensive zone coverage needs to improve
    8.  The upcoming schedule is conducive to getting TT some rest
    9.  They will make the playoffs
    10.They will win another Cup someday
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    Re: What we know

    5. PK is not a problem - I'm actually getting concerned about the PK it's dropped down to 13th in the league. Very uncharacteristic for a Julien team this needs to be worked on.

    1 and 8 Needs to be a time for Rask to improve his game as the third goal against the Habs Tuesday was very un Tuukka like he needs more starts to sharpen up.

    I really think Ryder, Horton and Peverley are the main keys for this team offensively as they have not been very consistent where Krejci, Bergeron, Lucic, Marchand and Recchi have been more reliable. If the PP isn't fixed soon the Bs will be in trouble in the playoffs. 
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    Re: What we know

    Since Krej line has sharpened up, Berg's line though playing great is not scoring at same pace, too many missed chances of late, but they are generating.

    We are worst team 4-4, why, we play our 2 slowest players a shift during this time, Ryd and Recc, played during this against Buf.  On a more open surface Rec should not be out there he is way too slow, but the 3rd line was not horrible last night.

    The PP is getting better, if Z or Kab move puck in like Z did on goal last night, they will see better opportunities rather than the obvious bomb from the point.

    Cj has become more flexible, but not near enough, Thorn did get an assist last night, but he should be up in the pressbox. Thorn was listed as giving a hit, I missed that one, must have been in first, he is there to crash and bang and have the odd staged fight.  He is not required, Camp and McQuaid have made him obsolete as they have picked up the fighting slack of late.  Rec is slowing down big time, almost painful to watch, move him to the 4th with Pail and Camp. Try Seg with Berg and March for a few games and if it doesn't click put him back with Ryder and Kell and move Pev back up, he worked his best this year with Wheel and Ryd.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Kell on 4th and Pev Rec and Ryd as a unit either, but our time for fiddling is coming to an end.

    It would be great to see Sauve come up as well.

    I know Alex is not our top D in the minors, but he can't be worse than Bart(who is just OK), I would love to see his skating up here, his skating skills were better than anyone during preseason, maybe he could play when mixed with Z like Boyc was brought along. Just something I would like to see.
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    Re: What we know

    I really think they have the right character, accountability, and commitment to one another that will produce a good run.  Loved seeing Rex yap it up last night (forget who it was with), and not let the fact that he was dropped down a line get in his head in a bad way.  The younger guys feed off of this type of leadership and that's Rex's strength right now.

    The first line is producing which bodes well for PP production which I have no doubt will improve.  Overall, still solid down the middle even without Savard.

    This team is primed and it's core is smart enough to have learned from it's past playoff failures.  We're in the mix and have beaten the league's elite (except Detroit).  Looking forward to the stretch run, playoffs, and silencing all the critics.