Florida 5 goals...Atlanta 6 goals...Pittsburgh 6 goals...Tampa 5 goals...Everybody can score except the local stiffs? They choked against Carolina two years ago...They lost 10 straight home games last year.....they choke away a 3-0 lead against Philly...they continuously get shut out at home this year. The coach suxs and the players sux. Get a new coach!! If you want to keep playing BORING hockey get Ken Hitchcock. At least he can do it right! Otherwise get a decent coach that isn't going to bore us to death every nite!!! Then get some real talent in here. Use those #1 draft picks to dump the Ryders of the world and pick up a real Dman like Kaberle or Burns. Oh and you might want to think about unloading Krejci before the nimrod GM gives him a 10 yr no trade deal for a 12 goal scorer. Maybe we shouldn't have given away Marco Sturm for NOTHING...huh? PATHETIC!