In response to Crowls2424's comment:

Stats thru 12/31:

Koko: 4gp 1-2-3 +2

Hamilton: 4gp 1-1-2 +4

Camara: 4gp 0-2-2 +2 (27 PIMS)

Subban: 4gp 4-0 2.00GAA .930SV%


Interested in folks impressions of these guys through 4 games.

Koko seems to be one of the go-to guys on the Russian squad, so that's a good thing.

Hamilton, IMO, had his best game of the tournament, against Russia. He seemed to come up with the puck, in a lot of the battles, in his own zone.

Camara has been fun to watch in the limited amount of ice time he receives. I would like to watch him on the smaller ice surfaces in North America, which are probably, much more suited to his style.

Subban has morphed into a solid positional goalie in the past two games. He is even controlling his rebounds, much better than the first 2 games. I don't know if the coaching staff threatened to pull him after the first two, or he just didn't take Germany & Slovakia seriously. I really like the new, serious Subban, much more than the "other" Subbban.