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Who can do this on the B's?

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    Who can do this on the B's?

    Off the ice Dino was...well "troubled". However, even though Detroit lost in 95! even though with todays rules there'd be about 4 penalty's handed out. THIS is LEADERSHIP! Two Warriors going at it & fighting in the trenches. Neither one giving an inch. Who has this ability to do this on the B's? Lucic, Campbell & Marchand are 3 that I'd like to see do it. Chara is probably the only d-man. Anyway, just go to about the 4:25 mark (this is after the Stevens on Kozlov hit, which you have to watch too) watching this makes me wish the play-offs were starting right now! Great stuff!
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    Re: Who can do this on the B's?

    Noticed the cheap shot by Errey, much Cookelike, which he learned in Pit, playing with Pepe Lepieux.

    You can't teach compete, you have it or you don't.  Seguin has it, he is trying to learn how to use it.  Noone has it like Bergy though.