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Rico.... Max Sauve. Posted by Bookboy007

That would be some good hazing, make Max where that "Rico" outfit in Boston after his NHL debut. Have him sing the song at a karaoke bar but he'd probably be mistaken for "Milli Vanilli"...

"The question is different than who you want to see - we all have our opinions and unreasonable expections for particular rookies and recent draftees to excel against NHL competition."

Is it really ? If from what you've seen of the prospect and/or heard from NHL scouts. When you see something in a prospect and then in your mind that bell goes in your head from watching a ton of hockey that says "that kid has something" there has to be a reason there is a click in the noggin.

To me I defend Hamill a bit on the board because he hasn't looked totally out of place when he played the few games he's played in the NHL. Caron didn't looked gassed to me when his game started to fade during his early season debut but Jordan to me looked out of position most of the time but didn't look intimidated. Point output back in Providence was low when Jordan went back down as well.

I tend to pick Rico because he can get a shot off in stride without losing that god given speed and it takes no time for Max to get off a quick shot in traffic. Caron and Arniel don't have these attributes or they are not as good at it. Rico's speed can sometimes save him from bad positioning as well.

Lets just hope Rico starts thinking about his defense or he's a "Q" one hit wonder...