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Who sits?

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    Re: Who sits?

    The kids earned another look rather than a recuperating Redden. Gives Seids more time to recover, and Ference hasn't been skating. More TOI adds to their confidence and on ice awareness. Rather sit Jagr and let Krug play on the wing.

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    Re: Who sits?

    In response to BassFishingII's comment:

    In response to bostonfan191646's comment:


    anyone who thinks that this team is better off with krug over redden for the playoff run is crazy.


    Yeah. Sure. We're all crazy and you're a scout.


    "we're all crazy?" who is we? you are the ONLY person, that expressed this opinion. Maybe Bim kinda half said it. oh well, hopefully you'll never read this. 

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    Re: Who sits?

    I'm with Claude. The three rookies played pretty well for a game and who knows, maybe they will in future as well. These are ALL paramountly important games in the playoffs.  Ill take "Redden performing at 85% gives us..." versus "Krug at his best looks like that but Krug at his worst looks like... we don't know." for any playoff game.
    Either way... Let's get another one B's!!

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    Re: Who sits?

    If all 3 are playing today, I'd love to see Krug and Hamilton on the same power play again. I don't know why but I loved seing that the other night.