I'm in the strong minority of people here who dislike this pick.  Let's take a condensed look at why people disagree with me:


the best player on the board and was a bit of a slide

The guy is a great athlete and if he is anything like his brother he will have the mental toughness to be an number one NHL goaltender.

As it's been said a team can never have enough goaltending

seriously intense about his game bordering on obsessed.  He constantly studies and reviews what he does well and what his weaknesses are daily.

needed a good goalie prospect/project

he's black, flashy, from an athletic family, and supposedly has a high ceiling. But I didn't start to like him until I saw the emotion I'm seeing from this kid after getting picked.

the B's are very weak in goalie prospects.

read somewhere that if Subban develops properly, you could flip him and get a great haul for him down the road.

Subban has some seriously positive buzz about him.

Whether he ever plays for or whether he's a chip to trade in the future, you can never have too much quality goaltending.

this kid was just too good an athlete to pass up.

I think Subban was the best player left.

They are indeed thin when it comes to goalie prospects.

What a great chip to have when looking at potential trades, a 1st round goalie.

the kid is a great athlete, I'll take a chance on that bloodline.

they went with the best player available all the while adding a goalie with a tremendous upside.

There is no depth at that position whatsoever.

Why not invest in someone who has a great work ethic, good jeans, and will be out there to prove all the naysayers wrong. I like the pick, as he WAS the BEST player available at 24.   *** Levis or Toughskins?

goaltender depth is always a good thing

shows incredible athletism and dedication


Now, let's review that. 

1.  He's an athlete.
2.  The Bruins need more goalies.
3.  He tries to be good.
4.  Trade bait.
5.  Best player available.

You know what's missing there?  His ability to play net.  Everyone who posted positively in the "Malcolm Subban - yes" thread said the same thing over and over, yet no one said a thing about his ability to stop the puck.