Why I watch the bruins

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    Why I watch the bruins

    This will continue the NAS thread which, for some unknown reason, I could not add my thoughts. I've been a Bruins fan, as most know, for more years [65+] than most, beginning in my sophomore season at B.C. High, the South End version, not today's palatial digs. i've been a Bostonian, grew up in West Roxbury when we could coast down Bellevue Hill [ no cars]., and have spent all but 15 years of my working life[ 42+] in Manhattan and other major business locations. Until satellite TV it wasn't easy to find a Bruins game, so, the last twenty years have been more rewarding and enjoyable. I had season tickets at madison Sq. Garden, but i've retained my Bruins loyalty. I've enjoyed these threads when they involve hockey commentary, but not the trolls. Have expressed my own opinion, even though at odds with others, like liking Caron early on, only to be somewhat dissapointed this year. I will remain a Bruins, and RED SOX fan forever; like to watch the Patriots, but not a fan; and still think the Celtics are wearing short pants in a game that lost me when Cousy retired. So, in spite of my disagreements with Claude's continuing strategy, I remain a Bruins, and hockey devoted fan.

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    Re: Why I watch the bruins

    Either your a Bruin fan or your not. It's really that simple. Anybody has the right to question and everyone has the right to answer back. (be prepared). It's obvious your a Bruin fan. Lot's of heart. Hope we go all the way to the cup. And if we don't, the sun will shine again and we can all be Bruin fans and fire and trade whom ever we want. But that's for another time. Go Bruins. Can hardly wait for the playoffs to start.

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