Why not Edmonton?

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    Re: Why not Edmonton?

    In response to Fletcher1's comment:

    Yeah, the muscle is a definite need in Edmonton, and not a goon like Brown or Eager.  Edmonton needs a Lucic, Clarkson, or Troy Brouwer type power forward to compliment all of the skill guys.  I don't think the Bruins can part with Lucic, but Edmonton might be just as interested in Horton.

    Gagner may have been one of their best players this year, but I still think he makes sense for a trade because of all of the young talent and the contract Gagner is going to be asking for very soon.  If they need to keep Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, and RNH signed in the coming years, Gagner is likely to be sacrificed for cap space, I would think.

    Horton, Bartkowski and a pick for Gagner, Whitney, and Jones....  I doubt it, but maybe something like that would work.

    good list of players.  Clarkson would be ideal.  You see and hear all the leaf talk about how they feel untouchable with orr fraser and mclaren.  The oilers young guns need this cozy warm feeling. The reason i mentioned boulton is bc he can play a little.  He also will take on all heavies.  Brown can play as well and fights anyone.  Throw a solid defensive center or maybe just Smyth and thats not a bad 4th line.  

    Edmonton has no 2nd line center.  The problem as has been mentioned before is their top 6 are all the same.  If Horton was signed maybe that deal would work.  gagner isnt a 3rd line center though.   I dont see the fit for gagner here

    Oilers should keep gagner.  Deal hemsky to the devils for clarkson   

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    Re: Why not Edmonton?

    In response to jmwalters' comment:

    I heard last night that Tambellini was convinced they had turned a corner, to the point of entertaining the possibility of re-signing Khabibulin and other vets.

    They just spent 3 years trying to get rid of this guy and riding out his contract, now they may want to re-sign him....

    Sounds more like "April Fools Day's Night" to me.