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hey, remeber when they called up alex henry from hamilton for the one game against the b's a few years back?
Posted by redsoxmvp

In the striped jailbreak uniform.  He got handled by Thornton who gave up 5 inches and 15 pounds - Henry wanted it to stop after Thornton switched hands and tagged him with some lefts.  Bring him up and as a gesture of comiseration for Pacioretty, the Boston fans should boo Chara when he touches the puck, as there are no more contests in Montreal this year.  I think this might appease the spoiled ones and maybe they'll call of les chiens d'enforcement du policement (I've been working on my French after reading some noted criticism).  Bring up Alex Henry - he won't help except to relieve Big Hal of the impending pressure of drawing the tall straw.  Give Ryan White to McQuaid without the surprise attack that he used on Boychuk.