Winter Classic

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    Posted by Not-A-Shot

    NAS, we've had two outdoor games in Canada. Habs/Flames and Habs/Oilers. We've got 7 teams in this country now. Does Montreal really have to be involved in every single outdoor game?

    Nevermind that there's not an outdoor stadium in either Montreal or Toronto large enough for an outdoor game.

    But if the outdoor games are just about media attention, then host the game in Manhattan, freeze a section of Broadway and have the Sharks and the Jets. Have the refs dressed like Officer Krupke. That'd get the NHL on the Today Show and... what? The View? WOOOOO! Maybe Regis and... the idiot... could have a segement about that ICE hockey. Marleau and Thorton could do a series of duets during commercial breaks.
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    Re: Winter Classic

    i'm with you red, the less habs the better. to me the best southern draw would be in dallas @ jerry jones' billion dollar house. dallas and tampa would be a good game of southern teams, in the south. of course i would love to see the b's again, but the point of this entire thread is that there needs to be other teams competing on this this grand stage. i'd tune in to see those two teams play in that stadium.  
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    Re: Winter Classic

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    In Response to Re: Winter Classic : They are the hot summer topic.  When hockey starts, and the Jets stink, all of the fans will return to their regularly scheduled obsessions.  They are as follows: Habs fans:  Oh my God, this is a Cup team. Leafs fans:  Oh my God, this is a Cup team. Sens fans:  Oh my God, what happened to our Cup dream? Flames fans:  We love Iggy, he is so mean. Oilers fans:  They'll be great soon, right now they're just teens. Come January, the interesting story of the Jets will be an interesting story of what they'll do with their lottery pick.  The people in the other hockey areas will be interested in their own teams. Example:  Oilers vs Flames and Jets vs. anyone  Calgary and Edmonton are not watching the Jets game. Another example:  Maple Leafs vs. anyone and Jets vs. anyone.  Toronto is not tuning into the Jets. I understand that right now they're hot, hot, hot.  Soon, the interest will be as localized as it is in Edmonton. Bad choice for the big game.
    Posted by Not-A-Shot

    Disagree with your prognosticating on how things will play out.

    You are saying the Jets wouldn't be a good choice because the Jets will stink and people will lose interest in them. And fans only watch their home town teams and will have no interest in the Jets once the season starts. Disagree ! Here's why !

    First of all the Jets will be not be playing just in front of family and friends like they were in Atlanta. Winnipeg's arena will be an environment for this team to get excited about playing every night. Atlanta was not. IMO they will play better on that alone plus they have some solid young players including that terrible 1st rounder Mark Scheifele ( destination Barrie more then likely ) who is still with the big club as I write.|WPG|home

    Secondly hockey in Canada is a sport that is followed nationally not just regionally as everyone knows. Home teams don't play every night. Fans will tune in to what's available next. Winnipeg being the new kid on the block will sustain the interest whenever they visit cities for the first time in Canada as the season goes along ( and also at home as Canadian teams visit there ). CBC , TSN and Sportsnet will be big on the Jets this year.

    Localized hockey might happen in the States . Here in Canada all teams are watched because of the national exposure.

    The Jets would not be a good pick for the Heritage Classic if it happened this year. They'd be a fantastic pick.
    P.S. A note to Badhab : I know, I know tldr.