World Junior Hockey Schedule

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    World Junior Hockey Schedule

    I'm bored at work. It's 4am and I'm trying to keep awake....Thought I would post some hockey. I'm sure we all will have some good natured banter come Dec 26th...Go Canada Go ! 
    World Jrs

    Listed are the times for puck drop for each game. For TSN's broadcast start times, click here.

    December 26

    Latvia vs. Finland 2:30am/11:30pm
    Germany vs. Canada 4:30am/1:30am
    Czech Republic vs. Sweden 7am/4am
    Slovakia vs. Russia 9am/6am

    December 27

    Switzerland vs. Latvia 7am/4am
    United States vs. Germany 9am/6am

    December 28

    Finland vs. Czech Republic 2:30am/11:30pm
    Canada vs. Slovakia 4:30am/1:30am
    Sweden vs. Switzerland 7am/4am
    Russia vs. United States 9am/6am

    December 29

    Latvia vs. Sweden 7am/4am
    Germany vs. Russia 9am/6am

    December 30

    Finland vs. Switzerland 2:30am/11:30pm
    Canada vs. United States 4:30am/1:30am
    Czech Republic vs. Latvia 7am/4am
    Slovakia vs. Germany 9am/6am

    December 31

    Switzerland vs. Czech Republic 2:30am/11:30am
    United States vs. Slovakia 5am/2am
    Sweden vs. Finland 7am/4am
    Russia vs. Canada 9am/6am

    January 2

    Quarterfinal 4am/1am
    Relegation 6am/3am
    Quarterfinal 8am/5am

    January 3

    Semifinal 4am/1am
    Relegation 6am/3am
    Semifinal 8am/5am

    January 4

    Relegation 4am/1am
    Relegation 8am/5am
    5th Place 8am/5am

    January 5

    Bronze Medal Game 4am/1am
    Gold Medal Game 8am/5am
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    Re: World Junior Hockey Schedule

    I forgot until now that it is in Russia this year...

    That really sucks...


    I'm sure they will replay the games at night, but it's not the same...

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    Re: World Junior Hockey Schedule

    Great job Stuke, thanks..Can't wait for that first Canada/U.S game

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    Re: World Junior Hockey Schedule

    Russia, Canada and the US all in the same pool? Should make for a great round robin - I  almost feel sorry for the Germans and Slovaks.

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    Re: World Junior Hockey Schedule

    Stuke if you keep working that shift you will be the only one to watch the games. 4:30am for the Canada/US game ? DVRing that game for sure.