Worst Signing of the Summer

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    Re: Worst Signing of the Summer

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    In Response to Re: Worst Signing of the Summer : Low risk? I disagree. NO risk. /> 1.5 mil and that's actual money, but 1.1?  Who cares? If he works out, great. If he doesn't, no problem putting this guy in the ahl, even jacobs wouldn't mind losing the money.
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    The cap penalty is higher!
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    Re: Worst Signing of the Summer

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    Yes, I aknowledge there were deals like Wiz and Richards and even Kaberle who are being overpaid, but they are not bad signings in the sense they have the potential to produce.  Maybe (and probably IMO) they won't live up to expectations, but at least the potential is there. So a worst signing in my opinion are the guys that won't produce or barely at all. I'll aknowledge you guys that like these players, altho I totally don't understand it. My list: Tim Connolly @ 4.75 :  Sheer lunacy, I need not say more?  I will anyway.  A -10 last year?  Next hit to the head and he's done and that might be in training camp. Sheldon Souray @ 1.65 mil :  Let's get serious 40 games in the AHL last season with 4 goals and 14 assists with the Hershey Bears who were a decent team so it's not like he was the only guy out there.  He should be getting league minimum.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he doesn't play a single game in the NHL this year. Ryder @ 3.5 mil a yea r:  He did show up for the playoffs, but the deal is you play the whole season.  I'll really tick off you Ryder lovers, but even during the playoffs IMO he had some outstanding shifts, but there were shifts that it seemed he mailed it in to me.  And I'm not going to take any positive discusssion about his regular season seriously.  Best case I think Ryder will get 12 goals and 16 assists this season.  Best case.  More likely I think this year he'll be a 7g 10a and next year he'll see the ahl and then done. biggest gamble: Jagr at 3.3 mil.
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    Connelly- I agree but the Leafs can afford to over pay and lost out on everyone else.  They needed a gifted center and when healthy(which is never) he can be productive.
    Souray- Terrible in his own end.  But consider Wiz just signed a deal that pays him more than Crosby I will put him in the top of my list.  I will also go on record saying that if healthy Souray will out point Wiz on the PP and score more goals.  Souray is also looking to gain any ounce of pride he had throughout the league and will want another payday.  Commodore signed for a million with the RedWings and is horrible.
    Ryder- agree completely.  But when the Joel Wards of this world get monster money for nothing I would at least predict he(Ryder) outscores Ward. 

    My list are.
    1. Wiz- he was a one year contract for yrs.  Now he makes more than Ovie next year.
    2. Erhoff- see Wiz. 
    3. B Richards- career minus is staggering even though I am not a big +/- guy.  I don't believe he is an elite center but is easily a 1 center. 

    This entire off season was a joke.  Owners never can complain again.  Brutal.