Looks like Staal is getting pretty good advice from his agent (You're capable of being a #1 center in a center starved league... someone will pay you #1 money). 

I'm never good at these numbers games, but it seems like Pitt must have half-as$ed the deal giving him a 10 year deal (security most players would love) at a low cap number (that a player of Staals calibur doesn't want). Perhaps the solution is fewer years and more money.

Depending on the terms of the deal (lets pretend it was really good money) I'd be surprised that Pitt is so committed to the center ice position, and forever resigned to picking up low rent wingers to put with Sid and Malkin. Maybe Jordan is looking at Eric and thinking... I can do what you do, I deserve to get legit money.

Don't forget, there was a time when both Sid and Malkin were out of the lineup for a long stretch of time and Staal carried the pens on his back--it seems like that time is front and center in Mr. Jordan's memory.

Edit: does Mackenzie's tweet imply it was big money? "Breaking news: Hearing Jordan Staal turned down 10-yr mega offer from PIT. Has indicated to PIT he doesn't plan on signing extension now."

His agent is saying he doesn't plan on signing a contract extension at this time? Who wouldn't want to sign a garunteed contract at the right years and money? if the years and money aren't the problem, why does he want out of pittsburg?