Take a Stand for each other, for the fans, I know you don’t believe in the coach, hell we don’t either.  Take the Habs to the wall tonight, its everything tonight…All year you have been battling on a coach less team and that doesn’t fall on you, it falls on Mgmt. It’s pride tonight, its focus, it’s each other.  Go after it tonight fellas.     


Peter Chia,

You gave CJ that extension and that’s reason I have to see him behind the bench.  Make no mistake Peter, this year’s failure falls on you as much as CJ.  Money aside here - a coach of a team that loses a 3 game lead is inexcusable, do you really expect the players to believe in CJ, a leader of men he is not.  It’s this short sightedness that will cost us (yea, I said us) the season.  Maybe Cam will spare you Peter, but the fans are well aware of what has happened and you need to be held accountable.