Zach Hamill

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    Re: Zach Hamill

    Will centre Wheeler and Ryder today

    Seguin dropped to the fourth line with Campbell and Thornton since there was really nowhere else in the lineup he could be placed (imagine Ryder Hamill Seguin)

    Hope that motivates him to play with more edge

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    Re: Zach Hamill

    " I get the feeling he is one of those players that needs good players around him in order for him to excell"

    Exactly how i feel!
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    Re: Zach Hamill

    So any thoughts on Hamill based on last nights game? It's the first I've seen of him. He looked ok I thought. Didn't have a brilliant game but then again no one did. Set up Ryder for a great chance in the second and Ryder stiffed it.