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In Response to Re: Zdeno Chara credit : I'd have to say a goaltender has more of an impact on a game. Particularly a red hot one. He can impact a game as well as a series. Not discounting Charas' impact by any means. As far as a skater, I'd say Sid has more impact than anyone who is not a hot goalie.
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Kel, I think you're forgetting what the Bruins looked like when Zee wasn't healthy during games 1 and 2 against Montreal. TT wasn't his usual stellar self and the rest of the team looked in disarray also. Whether the changes in the lineup are mental or physical, I don't like what the Bruins look like without Zee. I still expect the Bruins to win when Rask plays. I can't say the same when Zee doesn't. Regarding Sid, I lik the guy but your statement is a perfect example of why I see him as over-rated. I watched much of his return against NYI and Malkin was making things happen every time he touched the ice. I also remember who won the Conn Smythe when Pitt got the Cup. One last thought.....wasn't Pitt still 1 of the best in the East without Crosby? There are too many good young players in the league to be annointing Crosby to be the obvious best but I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.