I've been watching ESPN on and off the past two days regarding Mike Rice's clear abuse of his players. I was pleased to hear today that he was fired. What I find interesting is that in all the discussion, Bob Knight's  name hasn't come up. The comparisons, although not identical, have obvious similarities. Bob Knight's acting out and being abusive with his players was tolerated for too long. His superior coaching knowledge and his winning record saved him from closer scritiny for many years. Either the pundits at ESPN have been instructed that Knight is off limits, or they feel intimidated by Knight or both. I remember years ago when Knight did an interview with Jeremy Schapp. Schapp and his father never shied away from the truth. And when Schapp confronted Knight about his abusive tactics, Knight immediately became defensive and lambasted Schapp.    It's good to know that sometimes justice is served. There should be no tolerance for over the top abuse to young players.