Pierce Seeking $9 or $10M per.......

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    Pierce Seeking $9 or $10M per.......


    Not for that price. I'd LOVE to see Pierce come back , but $9M is way too high..........now tell me how the $10.3M Trade Exception works again ? Are you telling me we could sign Pierce for up to $10.3M and it doesn't count against the salary cap ? Meaning they still have their whole payroll available and Pierce's contract is for lack of a better term "off the books" ?

    In that case, I'd LOVE to have Pierce back, but wouldn't it be better to use the trade exception to get a young core player like Gordon Hayward or even Jordan Hill (the guy we really need to sign)???????

    Pierce plays a position that we have covered with Jeff Green, Chris Johnson, James Young,Center is where the need is, why not overpay for Jordan Hill and have a much more skilled (and younger) version of Kendrick Perkins ??? 

    I would absolutely give Pierce what they gave Rasheed Wallace and Jermaine O'Neal...............$6M per


    But if they could use part or all of the trade exception, and still have all their salary free to make other moves , then it's a no brainer, bring back Pierce !@

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    Re: Pierce Seeking $9 or $10M per.......

    Paul is worth every bit of 9mil a year still.  Just not to us.