Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

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    Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams

    The Boston Celtics have been shaking things up within their team this season. Danny Ainge has been very aggressive with trading players away and that has put an “available” tag to almost any player from the C’s as of lately. One of the players that is reportedly drawing much interest from some teams around the league is forward Brandon Bass.

    The 28-year old veteran is linked to the Charlotte Bobcats, the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. Since his arrival to Boston through a trade with the Orlando Magic, Brandon Bass quickly emerged as a solid contributor for the Celtics. He has been a starter for the most part of his tenure with the Celtics and although he had some ups and downs he has had a very good overall performance for the C’s.

    This season, Bass is averaging 10.8 points per contest to go along with 5.8 rebounds and one block and he is shooting 47.8 percent from the floor. Although he had some even better seasons two or three years back in his career, he still is a valuable piece for the Celtics and also a good asset. He could be a good fit for a playoff team on its way to a better course in the postseason.

    If the Golden State Warriors decide to trade for him, they would see an instant upgrade in their bench production, which has been abysmal this season. The Warriors have some needs in their reserves’ front line and Bass could provide some quality minutes off the bench during the postseason. On the other hand, the Charlotte Bobcats are also eying a solid course in the playoffs this season. There might be some even better players for Charlotte to chase by the February 20 deadline.

    Nonetheless, if they don’t manage to find anything of a better quality, they could target Bass. The Phoenix Suns have been linked to several players around the league as of lately. The bunch of draft picks the team possesses gives it the chance to be very flexible during this pre-trade deadline period. The Suns are expected to make a move but they mainly focus on impact players, who could help the team have a successful postseason.

    Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay are the two biggest names that are on the table for the Suns, according to the latest reports. However, if Phoenix doesn’t manage to seal a deal for either of the two stars, they could point their interest towards Brandon Bass.

    The Boston Celtics can be expected to be positive on a possibility of trading Bass away. In fact, the C’s have also been rumored to be searching for the right deals, which they want done by February 20. Boston could end up receiving a nice asset for its rebuilding process out of a Brandon Bass deal. Certainly, Bass is not an elite power forward but he is serviceable and he could have value to some contending teams.

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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    Bass and Bogans to the Suns in similar returns

    - Suns for Okafor's expiring and one of their two picks in the 15-24 range (1st choice)

    - Bobcats for Gordon's expiring and Blazers 1st rd pick in the mid 20's (2nd choice)

    - Suns for Okafor's expiring and Pacers 1st rd pick, one of the last 3 in the draft (last choice)

    Bass and our Nets/Hawks 1st rd pick to Golden State for Speights and Harrison Barnes could be an option as well.

    I don't think GSW are ready to give up on Barnes yet. The effort issues that dogged him in the draft and went away during his rookie year seem to have resurfaced though. Even if his extension can wait until after Lee's deal expires it would still be hard to give him even the 5/55 the C's gave Rondo if Curry is a max player, Bogut and Thompson are getting 12-14m a year and Iguadala with 1 year left at 13m by then.

    If it is Bass for Speights, Ezeli and a future 2nd rd picks... Eh, I guess I am down.

    Speights gets paid half what Bass does next year and has a PO we don't need to pick up after that. Ezeli is cheap and could be a solid/hustle backup C (like Fav) but is hurt. That deal gets the Warriors 1-2 more wins this regular season and an active defender to throw at KD and Ibaka. Let Bass and Barnes play all the mins on Ibaka, some on KD (letting Iggy rest and be ready for crunch time D) and Lee can play all his mins against Collins.

    Make this deal with the Warriors and trade Hump to Phoenix or Charlotte for the big expiring and that 1st rd pick. Then you have another first and Ezeli making 2.5m. Speights making 3.5 million and shave 600-800k off the payroll next year, depending on where that pick falls.

    The C's could combine 7.5 million of expiring $ tied up in two bigs they have little room for (Joel Anthony and Speights) possibly with one of their many draft picks in the next few years for one player making 5-6 million that they'd have more use for and save a little more money. Or they could be in part of a sign and trade or regular trade for a much better player with a contract starting at 9 million. Picks and other players could be added depending on the talent of who returns.



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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    Phoenix and Golden State seem like possibilities, but there are better players than Bass available. Will be interesting. I'm skeptical on the Bobcats.

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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    In response to Fiercy's comment:


    Another short story from lame rame?


    What will the Suns do with Bass when they already have the Morris twins?

    Bass becomes redundant because the Morris twins play the same position as Bass.


    But I'm not surprised considering rame's track record.


    My track record has CRUSHED you like 20-2 recently! Hahaha

    This thread was started with an article saying that the Suns are interested in Bass.

    I did not stop to wonder where Brandon fits in the Suns plans/rotation. That is the job of a SUNS fan and a SUNS forum. If there is interest, I will say what I would accept for him in return and did.

    What a bad loser you sound like Fiercy:-)

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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    In response to Fiercy's comment:

    In response to rameakap's comment:



    My track record has CRUSHED you like 20-2 recently! Hahaha

    This thread was started with an article saying that the Suns are interested in Bass.

    I did not stop to wonder where Brandon fits in the Suns plans/rotation. That is the job of a SUNS fan and a SUNS forum. If there is interest, I will say what I would accept for him in return and did.

    What a bad loser you sound like Fiercy:-)


    Your track record shows both you and Mployee have been correct 0 times for years now.




    Reality check.

    When was the last time any of your suggestions/ideas panned out?


    And you don't need Suns fans to tell you that Bass is redundant with the Morris twins.

    So I'm telling you now, Bass to the Suns is not happening.


    Reality check for Fiercy... THEY ARE NOT PREDICTIONS! You are so pathetic that the only way you think someone 'wins' an argument is if their 'suggestion' they want to 'discuss the merits of and the fairness to both sides' comes true.


    You lose because you can't win an argument. If I say I want to see a trade and support why it is fair and helps both sides... it NEVER means I predict the trade to happen.

    when you say 'HAHAHA ______ to ______ is not happening' YOU LOST! Get it? You did the easiest thing in the world... said a specific trade won't happen when it is next to impossible to predict what trades GM's will make.

    When you don't support being for or against the hypothetical trade with facts and opinions that are reality based... FIERCY LOSES.

    Get it?


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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    Here is your track record of losses against me or things you've been wrong on recently Fiercy:

    1. Felt that when I told a poster the Knicks 'can't trade a 1st round pick until 2018' in response to that poster saying the Knicks could trade their 2015 for Rondo I was talking about in the summer of 2016 and not NOW.

    WRONG: What a tool. Clearly the thread was about what the Knicks and Celtics could do in trading for Rondo NOW and not the technicality that as soon as the 2016 draft is over the Knicks can trade their 2017 draft pick. WOW! Shows how far a loser will go to try and 'call someone else out' on something.

    2. Tried to use the 'right to swap picks' as evidence that a team can trade a pick in the first round of a draft that it is prohibited from trading a pick in based on league rules.

    WRONG: Swapping picks and trading them away entirely are two SEPERATE things. Duh

    3. Humphries is a 'trade priority' because he is gone as an UFA if we don't trade him by the deadline in 2 weeks. Repeats multiple times all night that Hump is 100% gone with no compensation if we do not trade him by the deadline.

    WRONG: Chris Forsburg (and then Mployee-kudos) say the Celtics can use him in a sign and trade this summer. Forsburg predicts it MORE likely they do that than deal him.

    Link to Forsburg's ESPN article:

    4. Sign and trade is not an option. 'Evidence' provided is a cut and paste from the new CBA Fiercy puffs his chest out over that says it is 'not advantagous anymore for a player to seek a sign and trade'

    WRONG: Poor Fiercy and his lack of reading comprehension skills. The article clearly is referencing max contract all-stars like Dwight Howard, who was forced to take a 4 year deal at 4.5% raises from Houston (88 million) over a 5 year deal at 7.5% from the Lakers (118 million). He left 30 million on the table. It was not 'advantagous' to his bank account to do so (but his mental health is better).

    Are the Celtics going to offer Humphries the 5/65 max extension Fiercy? Hahaha

    Why did Bogans agree to be signed and traded for 5 million? Didn't he know the C's were going to rebuild? Oh... maybe it was b/c the Nets could give him 4 times more money in a sign and trade than any other team would give him in unrestricted free agency.

    5. A rumor article saying Boozer could be on the move 'proves a point' that Fiercy was right to say it was very likely Boozer would be traded at the deadline... but wait... Fiercy said Boozer would be paired with the Bulls 2014 pick as compensation for the big contract he is owed through next season.

    WRONG: The article DOES NOT mention the very valuable 2014 pick being dangled if a team takes Boozer. That WILL NOT HAPPEN (2 weeks left to prove me wrong on that and Fierce right). Furthermore (icing on the cake) the same article Fiercy pastes to help his cause says it is UNLIKELY Boozer be traded and MORE LIKELY the Bulls use the amnesty clause on him this summer. The EXACT thing I told Fierce was more likely months ago. (In addition to a pick in the teens in a deep draft being foolish to give away). Fierce... WRONG AGAIN!

    6. Humphries would not agree to a sign and trade when he can just outright sign with a new team as an UFA for the same amount of money.

    WRONG: Fiercy quickly changed the subject away from how a S&T could help Humphries to this gem after refusing to say if he thought Hump was worth the 4 year 50 million max the C's could sign and trade him for (coward). While it is possible he could hit UFA and find his 'highest bidder', there are unfortunately going to be 8-11 teams with the 7-9 million in cap space needed to give Humphries his market value of like 3 years 27 million or 4 years 32 million. NO team will give him close to the 4 years 50 million Boston can sign and trade him for (unless they give back contracts in return). What if those 8-11 teams with space don't want him? What if he doesn't want to go there? Most are not playoff teams. Wouldn't the sign and trade option be useful for Hump now? He can work with Boston to get a few million more and to a team he wants if Boston gets something in return for taking back a contract of like 4-7 million and draft picks/young talent. Unless he is traded for a Ben Gordon type expiring and first rd pick right now, the Celtics are in a BETTER financial position to deal him this summer in a sign and trade. Like Forsburg said.

    7. Felt I said I would rather 'take cash' for Humphries by letting him walk as an UFA.

    WRONG: My exact comment clearly showed I would rather have 12 million off the books than take back a sizeable Bass/Wallace type veteran contract... unless the asset we got back was a VERY good one.

    Then he repeatedly asked the question: 'Where was anybody saying take back a bad contract for Humphries?'

    My response: 'Where is it guaranteed the Celtics can move him for an expiring and a 2014 pick?'

    Fiercy says the Celtics HAVE TO trade Humphries or 'get nothing' he is wrong. If the only offers are a bad '15 contract, they can keep him, do a sign and trade and get 'something'.

    8. Fiercy says the Celtics would have 58.5 million in contracts next season if they let Humphries walk. He subtracted 12 million from current 70.5 million payroll.

    WRONG: The Celtics have 46.5 million in salaries for next season w/o Humphries. Joel Anthony likely picks up his 3.8m option (the cost of two 2nd rd picks) that is 49.7m. The QO option for Avery will be offered. That is 3.6m, so total is 53.3m. Regardless Fierce was WRONG to subtract 12m from 70 million.

    9. Unrestricted free agents can leave their current team and sign for 5 years from a new team.


    and please, read that again... SERIOUSLY???

    This was pretty much the biggest blunder I have seen IN A LONG TIME around here. Fiercy had no clue about possibly the BIGGEST change in the new CBA. After acting like a CBA guru in demeaning others? What a tool. This is idiocy at its zenith folks. He paid no attention to the Howard/Lakers drama or the upcoming Melo/Knicks situation huh? No clue that teams cannot sign other teams players for more than 4 years but can keep there own for 5. WOW!

    10. Xavier McDaniel was signed after Reggie Lewis died.

    WRONG: Reggie was alive and played the entire 1992-93 season with him.

    11. Dave Gavitt was 'setting the Celtics back' by going for the playoffs in 1993, 1994 and 1995.

    WRONG: He only did this in 1992-93 when he was in a Danny Ainge after game 7 of the 2012 ECF position. In 1994 he wanted to lose and built a team that went to the lottery. In 1995 he wanted to lose and was demoted from his CEO postion.

    12. Dave Gavitt chose to go for the playoffs with Dominique Wilkins over rebuilding.

    WRONG. Gavitt was forced out for not wanting to make moves like this and Red picked Wilkins.

    13. If Fierce thinks what Gavitt did in '92 and '93 was what set the Celtics back more than the decisions of Red in 1989 than he is WRONG.

    Can't wait for the deadline to pass with the Bulls not trading their 2014 1st rd pick in a cash dump with Boozer so an 'undecided' becomes one more in Ram's favor.

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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    Bass to the Bobcats is certainly a possibility! I also think JG to OKC, yes OKC, is another possibility! 

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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    In response to Fiercy's comment:


    Stop hijacking the threads with your short stories.

    This board already knows who I am and who you are.


    When it comes to facts, ask Fiercy.

    But if you want to talk about fantasies then talk to rame because he'll make short stories and tell you that Joel Anthony and picks for Gordon Hayward is possible.


    Again, if you think your ideas are facts, you're a bigger fool than I thought.

    I supported that trade idea with facts and reality based opinions.

    You supported it with laughter and called it fantasy while failing to explain why.

    That means you lose. 

    Yup, even if Hayward is not traded for such a package (which I never predicted he would be) YOU LOSE b/c you CANNOT support or defend you immature insulting of the idea with superior information than what I defended it with.

    Everyone on this board knows exactly who you are.... hahahahah. We held a celebration when you were banned and a dozen people inuslt you and tell you to give your pathetic 50+ post a day act a rest daily.

    What a sad lonely life you lead. 

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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    In response to Fiercy's comment:

    See what I mean?

    Now you're backtracking.

    No I'm not

    You clearly stated that Joel Anthony and picks for Gordon Hayward is fair and there's a possibility of it happening for a number of reasons.

    I never said there was much possibility of it happening LIAR.

    I did say it was fair for many reaosns. It is. I proved it and you LOST.

    Now you're saying you didn't predict it would happen.

    I never did predict it to happen.

    Like I said, you're just talking about fantasies.

    Nope. I talk about deals that are fair to both sides under the assumption that since only 2-3 trades of consequence happen at any trade deadline out of the dozens of fair trade proposals that are made.... NOTHING is a prediction.

    I hurt your feelings, that's why you keep bad mouthing me.

    To you it's personal.

    That's why I keep laughing at you.

    I mean you said you have a life, a family, a wife, but right now all you're doing is going after Fiercy until 3am.

    Does this mean you get more pleasure arguing with Fiercy than spending time with the wife?


    There you have it folks, an absolute loser at his absolute worst.

    Can't get anymore pathetic than a lonely miserable person like Fiercy, losing arguments and resorting to attacking another man's wife. How disgusting.

    I usually just beat Fiercy quick with the facts, win an argument and leave, letting him hijack and destroy the thread rambling on with his 50 post a day garbage until he believes he is in fact right (when of course he is still wrong).

    But since my wife has been on a business trip I have not put the computer away like I normally would these past two weekends and instead ripped Fierce to bits and the results have been TWENTY or so instances of his being proven wrong. His rep was pretty much destroyed when everyone celebrated his being banned 6 weeks ago. But after what I did to him these past 2 weeks or so he's got nothing left to cling to.

    I guess my typical 6 post a day average since 2006 (compared to 50 for Fierce) was enough to win 70-80% of the time and since I started posting a lot more it has been 100% of the time. Ha!

    Don't worry Fiercy, I'll go back to the pleasures of the real world soon. A world you don't have. And you can be left to post 'HAHA' and make 1900 posts in 40 days to posters you may actually have a chance of winning arguments with.


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    Re: Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams!

    Another thread gone to the dogs.