If anyone can tell me any different, by all means please do so.

Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around but if you watched that game again, CLOSELY, you will see that Rajon Rondo's disastrous plays in key moments stood out as what could have caused the Celtics the game tonight. At least 3 open lay ups he had where he could have drawn a foul and he chickens out. At least 5 dead open shots he had where he was in front of the free throw line and he either backed away or kicked it out, i mean WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUCK, W T F? I'm sick of this sheit. At one point, you could hear the whole arena gasp when he had a clear lay up and for some Got Dam reason, he pulls it back out and I think he then went on to forced something and caused a turn over. Most of mistakes he made came in crucial time during a tight game where they were practically changing leads every other basket. Had he made at least 2 of his blunders, the game could've been a winner for the Celtics and I am not exaggerating on that.

If Rajon Rondo can't shoot open jumpers, scared to go up strong for lay ups and draw fouls from opponents, keeps wasting, i mean wasting, an unbelievable amount of time on the clock only to take the last shot in the last seconds, the same shots he never takes when it is given to him. What good is this kid???????? I must be the only one who is not buying this bullsheit, fraudulent assists stats he is hiding behind so to make up for his incredibile deficiencies. $11 mill this player is getting and he only has one strength and at least 5 weaknesses.

Please Ainge, find it in your heart to see that this team cannot afford this lack of skills from a point guard anymore, please, we can do better. We see a whole difference when Delonte is in there, not saying that he can become a starter all of the sudden but he shows us what a true point guard should be the way he manages the game. And he is only worth $1.5 mill or something. would it be a bad idea to go after another guard in the league getting less then Rondo with more skills, would that be too much to ask. (BIG SIGH) Offseason can't come here fast enough to see if Ainge does something.