13-4 without Rondo

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    Re: 13-4 without Rondo

    The best thing that the franchise can do is continue to claim that the Celtics do not play better without Rondo. That way when he is playing well again the team will get the most for him in a trade. He will certainly need to prove that the ACL issue has not slowed him down for Danny to get the most that he can in a trade. He should not be traded for anything less than a proven all star.

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    Re: 13-4 without Rondo

    In response to Rajon-Hondo's comment:

    Rondo is not the reason neither is Sullinger for our recent surge. I'm assuming that,like me, most regular posters watch every game. I contend that it was the neccessity of having to play and depend our newer players this way. Doc,PP,KG,and Rondo have had great success the last few years and if you watch the games in the first couple of months of the season our core of vets were reluctent to include any of the new players, with the exception of JET, in any clutch situation. Even with Terry they were trying for him to be RA II not JET. This wasn't some evil plan by the vets but human nature, if it ain't broke don'y fix it, which I'm assuming is most of us probably are or have been guilty of. Very few people embrace wholesale changes when they've had success with the out going system. This tendency led to our playing 3 on 5 and being extremely predictable led to our less than stellar record .I feel that if any of our veteran core other than Rondo had gone down we would have been forced to play to the strength of present roster rather than what we were in past. I'm thinking that DA wanted this style but Doc and the Big 3 weren't all in until they had to be, after all neccessity is the mother of invetion and it wasn't until Doc,KG and PP felt the need that they embraced this old/new style of true Celtic style ball. 

    Rondo has proved that he is very capable. He played very good to great in last year's play-offs.

    Doc Rivers said during an interview this year, that all great players, or Stars, want to win the NBA championship, but most are not willing to do what it takes, they want to win on their own terms. 

    Also, before Rondo was injured Doc complained in public that his players were not playing the right way, and if it did not change, he would make changes.

    In the Rockets game,  Rondo's guard assignment lit up the Celtics in the first half, At half time, Doc was trying to coach and he was getting an arguement from some unknown player. Pierce stepped in and said that Doc was trying to coach and that he should listen. In the second half the teams defense showed up and Rondo's guard assignment had little success. After the game Terry credited Pierces talk with the win. Of course the player that was arguing with Doc was not named, but is it possible that this describes anyone but Rondo?

    Since being anointed by management as the team's leader, during this regular season, it is obvious to those that pay attention to defense, that Rondo's focus was steals and rebounds, and not staying in front of his man as Doc wants. The result, was that Rondo got media attention for his stats, steals and rebounds, and team defense suffered. What a difference it makes now, when all five guys are playing defense.

    On offense, Rondo wanted to be the league leader in assists, because great point guards have great stats. As a result, he dominated the ball, often waiting until there were a few seconds left in the 24 second clock, waiting for the right pass so that he can get his assist. 

    Rondo plays to win in the play-offs because that is what great players are expected to do. During the regular season he plays to win but on his own terms.  Assists, rebounds, steals, and triple doubles are needed to be an all-star and a media star. He wants to win. but only if he is considered a great point guard as well.

    The Celtics have started winning because everyone is now playing defense, and offense. More people get touches and the Celts get into their sets earlier because there is more passing and less dribbling. Green and Wilcox are picking up the slack left by Suliger's absence. Rondo, on the other hand, provides regular season improvement by subtraction.