18 burning question thoughts

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    18 burning question thoughts

    Most thoughts on target but, 1. Glen Davis did a lot for our team, and saying the Bass is much better and Bass has not played one game or won one title with us is a stretch because:  Bass may be better in some areas than Glen but give glen some credit , he scored a lot of points for us, Bass may score a lot but the difference in what Bass scores and what Glen scored is what must be looked at.  People say Bass is a better rebounder, I saw Glen get some huge rebounds for us a critical times, so we will look at the difference and it may not be much, Bass can jump better but does he set the wide screens and take as many charges as Glen did, Bass may be better and he better be better, I expect a great year form him but Glen did a lot for us and I look at the difference and think somebody eles had better step up because even if Bass is better, when you look at the difference you will se that the gain is not that much.  Thanks Glen for seveal years of good support ball for us and helping with one title.  People need to have more respect for our former players , Glen played for the Boston Celtics and did a goog job for us and Doc Rivers is not perfect and he just might have not handeled Glen perfectly. 2. Our Big three are not thought.

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    Re: 18 burning question thoughts

    Big Baby had detractors from day 1.  I remember the Baby V Powe debates well.  I always though Baby was a valuable player in the playoffs, with perhaps the exception of the Miami series.  Whilst I think we got the most out of Baby, managing Big Baby the person probably became too much for Boston.  I always though Bass provided us problems so am happy to see him in green.  For the sake of the Cs I hope Bass ends up better.